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    A4DeskPro Flash Website Builder 5.87 | 19.2 MB

    A4DeskPro Flash Website Builder is a powerful, easy to use, all-in-one flash website builder software for Microsoft® Windows 98/NT/XP/Vista users. Create your own websites, resume and presentations in just a few clicks. Deliver stunning flash animation and colors with multiple menus and sub-menus. Absolutely no programming knowledge needed!

    Flash WebSite Software Features Highlight
    • All-in-one flash website builder
    • Create multiple flash websites, resume or CDROM presentations for royalty free usage & resale
    • Wide selection of professional flash website design templates for building web sites quickly
    • Customizable flash template color, backgroud, and music settings
    • Built-in Flash Photo Gallery & Flash Video Player to easily add streaming video and multimedia to websites
    • No any flash or programming skills required
    • Multiple language / Unicode support, including English, Chinese, European, Japanese, Korean and more...
    • View and edit template on your local desktop, build & publish completed website on any host server.

    New in A4DeskPro Website Builder
    • Menu and sub-menu navigation
    • Add photos, videos and shopping carts
    • User friendly traditional scroll-bar with scroll track
    • More customization ability, such as colors, opacity, menu link target
    • Adjustable content text alignment
    • Adjustable background music volume
    • XML-driven - Advanced users can edit site menu and content directly, or even feed it with dynamic content
    • Easy registration - no additional install after purchase

    Software Feature
    • Create flash website compatible with all browsers
    • No Flash/programming skills and Flash software required
    • A4DeskPro software compatible on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 platforms
    • Free upgrade to new version when released within one year
    • A PHP website contact form generator is available to create a contact form easily
    • Create a PayPal purchase link using PayPal link generator
    • Play FLV video in built-in video player for video streaming

    Software Interface
    • Easy template selection screen with thumbnails and preview
    • Instant preview window to view your updates immediately
    • Dynamic bottom panel, all design setting can be adjust in this area

    • Professionally designed and high quality templates in different styles
    • Unlimited Design Options: easily setup any color combination on the template, including background, font, scrollbar color
    • Supports long text content for every page, up to 8 main pages and 8 subpages, totally up to 64 pages
    • Each menu button can link to page inside the template, or external URL or file
    • Ability to set the template's display size to best fit, or in a fixed width and height
    • Direct import of MP3 file as background music
    • Ability to adjust the background music's volume

    HTML Support
    • Easy font settings (e.g. font face, style, size, color and alignment) for ALL content, title and menu
    • Ability to saves your default font style for all projects
    • Supports Non-English Characters
    • Supports META Tags for search engine optimization
    • Ability to insert any HTML tags (e.g. counter script) under the flash area

    • Support image upload for all pages, i.e. up to 64 images
    • Supports various image files (JPG, BMP, GIF and SWF)
    • Automatic image resizing to best fit the template
    • Ability to adjust image's brightness, contrast and opacity easily
    • Easy Image grid switch on/off function
    • Support adding of HTML background image
    • Support adding multiple images with hyperlinks using built-in photo gallery

    Web and CDRom Publishing
    • Allows web publishing, with build-in FTP function for uploading files
    • Allows CDRom publishing, with easy creation of CD autorun files

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