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    Ascent v1.11.6 Mac OS X

    13.2 MB



    scent is an application designed to help cyclists, runners, and hikers train better by organizing activity data and presenting it in useful ways. Using Ascent, you can download activity data directly from your GPS into the program, and immediately begin analyzing the data as it is presented to you in various graphical and textual formats. The "Animation" feature lets you re-play the activity so you can review in detail your performance during any segment of the activity.

    New features:

    New "Compare Activity" window allows up to four (4) activities to be compared and animated
    Auto-power calculation when no power data available
    Support for Garmin Edge 500 and 800, and the new FIT file format
    Interval markers and scale on all maps
    Peak power interval calculation and display
    Equipment Log including maintenance record for each equipment item
    Support for magic mouse and laptop mouse two-fingered scrolling
    All data values display in localized format
    Improved performance and cosmetic display improvements

    Other Features

    100% Mac Cocoa application, universal binary runs on Mac 10.5.x (Leopard) or later
    Syncs with many Garmin exercise computers (link to compatibility page)
    Graphical displays of heart rate, power, cadence, speed, distance, gradient
    Customizable graph colors
    Main window has multiple panes that can be re-sized or collapsed
    Comprehensive Equipment Log feature
    Automatic calculation of power (without using a power meter!) and display of power and peak power intervals/li>
    Imports .gpx, Garmin .tcx, Garmin .fit, and Polar .hrm data
    Exports .kml (Google), .tcx, comma-seperated, and tab-seperated data
    Multiple document architecture with copy/paste of activity data
    Supports manual data entry
    Lap markers may be inserted or removed
    Combine or split activities
    Add user-defined keywords
    All views synchronize with animation engine
    Heads-up displays show data for any arbitrary section of an activity
    Support for 5 heart rate zones
    Customizable browser
    Customizable split views and graphs
    Add notes to any activity
    Powerful search engine for quickly locating activities
    Google earth playback of activities
    Maps downloaded over the internet: satellite, road, hybrid, topo

    Ascent works with data produced by the following devices:

    Garmin Edge 800 (direct sync or fit/tcx import)
    Garmin Edge 500 (direct sync or fit/tcx import)
    Garmin Edge 705 or 605 (direct sync or tcx import)
    Garmin Forerunner 405 (direct sync via Garmin ANT Agent)
    Garmin Edge 305 or 205 (direct sync)
    Garmin Forerunner 305 or 205 (direct sync)
    Garmin Forerunner 301 (direct sync)
    Garmin Garmin 310xt (direct sync or tcx import)
    Garmin GPSMap 60CSx (direct sync)
    Garmin Venture Cx (direct sync)
    Garmin eTrex Vista Cx (direct sync)
    Garmin eTrex Vista HCx (direct sync)
    Garmin Colorado Series (via gpx import -- Ascent will import heart rate, cadence, and temperature data produced by the Colorado)
    Garmin Oregon 300 (via gpx import)
    Polar S610/S610i/S625X (via hrm import)
    Polar S710/S710i/S720i/S725/S725X (via hrm import)
    Polar S810/810i (via hrm import)
    Polar E600 (via hrm import)
    Polar AXN500/AXN700 (via hrm import)
    Polar Sport Tester (via hrm import)
    Polar Vantage XL/VXL/NV/VNV (via hrm import)
    Polar Coach (via hrm import)

    "Direct Sync" means Ascent will read data directly from the device when it is attached via a USB cable or when the wireless Garmin ANT Agent is installed (free download from Garmin). Newer Garmin devices (705, 605, Colorado Series) appear as mass storage drive on the mac when their USB cables are plugged in. These devices produce files (gpx or tcx) that can found on the mass storage drive and easily imported into Ascent without any other conversion utilities.

    Other Garmin USB devices may work via direct sync but have not been tested. Please download the application and try with your device to determine compatibility before purchasing.



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