Ashampoo Photo Commander 9.3.0

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    Ashampoo Photo Commander - Comprehensive set of tools for working with digital images. Allows you to comfortably view your digital photos in a convenient way to organize their storage and sorting on zhestkomdiske also has an option to create a slide show and his subsequent record on CD / DVD drives.

    Built-in image editor allows you to adjust brightness and contrast of an image or a separate piece, rotate the image, mirror it, print and send digital photos via email. Supports work with RAW files and it is possible to use as a media player. The program interface is multilingual and has the support of the Russian language.


    "Fast tools for processing images in a few clicks
    "Editing the objects and the use of layers for editing
    "Infinite undo and redo
    "Display detailed EXIF ??/ IPTC Photo Information
    "Setting photos of top rated on a five-point scale
    "Support for sorting photos by rating
    "Enhanced thumbnails images compressed without any loss of quality
    »Advanced search images in sub-folders, and according to EXIF ??/ IPTC information
    "Creating a slide show with sound
    "Tools recording drives CD / DVD
    "The ability to work in batch mode
    "Creating Web Albums for publication on the Internet
    "Save images in PDF file
    "Edit photos using unique tools
    "Merge multiple photos to create unusual effects
    "Creating collages, calendars, business cards and photo frames
    "Support for over 60 multimedia formats, image, audio and video files

    Releases released: 2011
    Name: Ashampoo Photo Commander 9.3.0
    Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
    Language:Multi (Russian)
    Crack: There is
    File Size: 127 MB

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