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    Autodesk Softimage Subscription AdvantagePack 2011(x64bit)
    Autodesk Softimage 2011 1.5 Gb
    Autodesk Softimage - a fully functional three-dimensional graphics editor that includes the possibility of 3D
    modeling and computer animation. This software is mainly used to create movies, video games, as well as in the
    advertising industry to create characters, objects and environments.
    Year: 2010
    Version: 2011.5 Build
    Developer: Autodesk
    Bit depth: x64
    Compatibility with Vista: Unknown
    Compatible with Windows 7: complete
    Language: English
    Medicine: Present
    System requirements:
    * Microsoft ? Windows Vista ? Business operating system, SP1 (Recommended operating system for 32-bit and 64
    -bit Windows)
    * Microsoft ? Windows ? XP Professional operating system 32-bit, SP3 - Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64-
    bit, SP2
    * Linux ? 64-bit operating system; Fedora ? Core 8 operating system (Recommended Linux Distribution)
    * Intel ? Pentium ? D (at a minimum)
    * Dual Core Processor Workstation or higher (Intel or AMD ? processors) (recommended)
    * Qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL ? 1.5 (2.0 & higher recommended) professional graphics card with
    latest graphics driver available on the
    vendor's website
    * DirectX ? 9.0c application programming interface and higher (recommended for support of the advanced
    features of DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 application programming interface)
    * 1 GB free hard drive space. Setup requires additional temporary disk space for your system's temporary
    folder when decompressing files during installation.
    * TCP / IP service protocol installed on both client and server computers.
    * 2 GB of RAM minimum and recommended for 32-bit operating systems
    * 4 GB of RAM minimum for 64-bit operating systems. 8 GB of RAM recommended.
    * 1280 x 1024 screen resolution recommended
    * Three-button mouse
    * A web browser to view any HTML documentation
    * Microsoft ? Internet Explorer ? internet browser version 5.5 or later to use the Net View tool
    * Network adaptor with internet connection for licensing (non-internet connected licensing is also supported)
    * A DVD drive if installing the software or browsing the media from the Softimage.


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