BitDefender Internet Security 2012 Build (x64) | 257 Mb

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    BitDefender Internet Security 2012 Build (x86/x64) | 424 Mb

    BitDefender Internet Security 2011 - complete protection against Internet threats: anti-virus and anti-spyware, firewall, protection of personal data and parental controls. BitDefender Internet Security makes use of the Internet in a safe, without slowing down your computer. Program blocks viruses, hackers and spam, providing parental control and network security firewall.

    BitDefender Internet Security 2011 protects against viruses and other malicious programs with leading antivirus technology scans all web traffic, email and instant messaging traffic in real time, blocks spyware that track your Internet activities. BitDefender Internet Security 2011 provides excellent detection of new threats, two different proactive technologies.

    The main components of BitDefender Internet Security 2011:
    • Antivirus and antispyware
    • Protection against phishing
    • Encrypting chats
    • Quick Scan
    • Family Network Protection
    • Verification of Smart Scan
    • Planner Smart Schedule
    • Help System Smart Help
    • Smart Sense
    • Parental Control
    • Anti-Spam
    • Firewall
    • Personal Toolbar

    Stops viruses and spyware
    Proactive protection stops new and unknown viruses and malicious programs that overlook the other products

    Selecting Display Interface
    Choose the interface that is most convenient for you: Basic, Intermediate or Expert. Also quickly create shortcuts to frequently used controls.

    Privacy Policy
    Prevent leakage of your personal information through email, Facebook, instant messaging IM, or through web sites that track your activity on the Internet.

    Manage your home network
    Control of security across the network from a single center

    Firewall - Firewall
    Easily customizable two-way firewall to monitor Internet connections and prevent unauthorized access, even through Wi-Fi network.

    Parental Control
    With parental controls you will receive reports in a Web browser, e-mail or mobile phone for the latest online computer activity of your child in a home network

    Fighting spam
    Antispam to BitDefender Internet Security 2011 email-sending unwanted messages (spam) and malicious attachments in the shopping cart, so they never get to the mailbox.



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