BitDefender Total Security 2009 Build

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    BitDefender Total Security 2009​

    provides comprehensive proactive protection against all Internet security threats
    , along with system maintenance and backup, without slowing down your PCs.​


    . Install BitDefender2009 and follow the on screen instructions.

    You need to restart your computer. (Skip to #2 if BitDefender 2009 is already installed.)

    . Update BitDefender 2009 (2x) and make sure that it runs normally.
    (Don't register and don't create an account with BitDefender.)

    . Apply the crack, restart your PC, and update.
    (For VISTA, you need to apply the crack by selecting "Run as administrator".) You are done.

    . To remove BD2009 Year 2047, just click the <Uninstall>.
    The uninstall will convert the BitDefender 2009 back to a 30-day trial version.
    My crack must be uninstall before upgrading BitDefender 2009 to
    a newer version or uninstalling BitDefender 2009 itself.




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