Combit Relationship Manager 6.001 Multilingual

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    Combit Relationship Manager 6.001 Multilingual | 529 MB

    This CRM solution is suited for every industry, number of users, size of corporation and amount of data. It can be individually tailored to company-specific requirements - also for branches overseas and mixed-language teams.

    For ideal management of all kinds of communication, analytical, operative, collaborative and communicative CRM in marketing, sales, purchasing, call center, staff, support, business management. Optimal automation and connection in all directions make cRM the perfect companion through professional life.

    Increase efficiency
    Define the business logic, process automation and workflows yourself, use intelligent functions in fields and input forms, and scripting language for automation.

    Get down to business faster
    The reference solution that comes with the cRM already covers all important areas of CRM, can be adjusted quickly and can be extended at any time.

    Quality made in Germany
    More than 20 years of experience in the area of contact management, the performance and quality of our software products results from the solid knowledge of our software engineers – tested and confirmed by our clients and the press.

    Open exchange of data
    Many connections to other solutions and many standard interfaces create room for successful customer dialogue.

    Amazing flexibility
    Enjoy unlimited adaptability, react quickly to change and cultivate individuality. You are successful because you stand out from the crowd and are always ahead of the competition.

    Make individual adjustments
    Everything according to your taste: User interface, information center, input forms, menus and reporting.

    Intuitive operation
    Logical and self-explanatory operation to save cost and time, enjoy a complete range of functions in daily use.

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