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    DevExpress Dxperience 2011.1.4 | 927 MB[/b]

    To date, the latest set of products from Developer Express, which contains the components and tools for programmers, leading to its development. NET platform using MS Visual Studio.

    These include components for Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET and Windows Forms. In addition, it is composed of eXpressPersistentObjects (XPO) and eXpressApp Framework (XAF). Also in this package is a new development: LightSwitch Reports. More complete HELP for 2005/2008 and the 2010 studios.

    [b]In this release,[/b] DevExpress is proud to announce the availability of many new WPF and Silverlight control, together with advanced features and capabilities of our entire product line, including:

    [b]XtraReports for LightSwitch[/b]
    New DXGauges for WPF and Silverlight
    New DXTreeList for WPF and Silverlight
    New DateNavigator for WPF
    New MVC Diagram Expansion
    The new dock ASP.NET Suite
    Windows Workflow Foundation integration XAF
    New State Machine Module XAF
    New Profiler and WCF services to support the XPO
    Cross-platform Data Library improvements
    New OAuth 1,0 and 2,0 OAuth library
    and much more

    At the time of treatment UAC must be disabled or the patch will not run. After turning off UAC always reload

    [b]If you do not disable UAC[/b]
    To start the pills with enabled UAC must install the certificate, which she signed, in the "Trusted Root Certification Authorities." To do this: open the properties of the patch in Windows Explorer, go to the tab "Digital Signature", select dimaster and click "View Certificate". Then "Install Certificate", "Next", choose "Trusted Root Certification Authorities", well, then I think will understand (click "OK" and all agree).

    Year: 2011
    Version: 2011.1.4
    Developer: Developer Express
    Platform: Microsoft. Net
    Compatibility with Vista: complete
    Language: English


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