Different Usage Of A Cheap Linux VPS Server

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    here are many reasons why people tend to prefer to opt for the cheapest Linux VPS when there are Windows VPS solutions out there. One of the main reasons is the cost. The cost of a Linux based server solution is cheaper than a Windows based server solution as the latter comes with a licensing fee while the Linux is an open source operating system which is free to be downloaded by all. You may wonder whether Linux is so freely available in the market, how reliable is it when it comes to providing the platform for a server?

    Reliability Of Linux
    Linux based servers have been used for years even before Windows servers came into vogue. Thus, it is one of the most stable operating systems to opt for. The VPS servers which are based on Linux are usually without any technical faults and are stable in operation. That is a reason due to which people cam demands their service more and even then keep a considerable amount of the profit to themselves as the running cost of their website remains low, thanks to the Linux based server service that they take up.

    Advantages Of Linux Based VPS Plans
    Linux inside vpsEven if you opt for cheap Linux VPS services, you will have a wide variety of RAM to choose from as well as server space as specified by you. There is a good range of bandwidth transfer that is provided which makes sense when one is having high traffic inflow at their site. That means, even with a high inflow of internet traffic, one can be confident that their web applications will run smoothly and one will not lose out on viewers and customers. Security is another great advantage that one gets even with cheap Linux based VPS solutions. There are no chances that you will have hackers intruding your system. The security aspect is high in Xen VPS Hosting plans as there are many people working on one physical server and thus, any breach of security will affect of thousands of end users at a time. That would lead to a downfall in the performance of a web host which is to be prevented at all costs. Uptime guarantee is attained well when one opts for cheap Linux VPS plans. Web hosts wish to ensure that their clients do not get affected by downtime and thus, 99.9% of the time uptime is guaranteed on such plans.

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