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    DigitalFile Recovery Media Investigator | 4.53 MB

    Media Investigator for effortless and quick recovery of lost, deleted and formatted media files. Recover all lost media files on your memory card and USB flash drive with utmost ease. This tool with its advanced data recovery software will scan your memory card or flash drive with utmost efficiency to locate and recover your digital photos, movies and computer files. This tool will recover files supporting JPEG, AVI, DOC, MOV, XLS, ZIP, PDF or WAV formats. With utmost safety the tool will not hamper, modify or overwrite data on your card. This tool is simple enough to be used without any technical skills; just select drives for analysis and the file type you are searching for, now click analysis to begin scanning. After complete analysis recoverable files and its thumbnails are displayed. Then after paying for recovery you can save the recovered files.

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