EditPad Pro v7.0.4 Retail

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    EditPad Pro v7.0.4 Retail | 7 Mb

    EditPad - powerful and versatile text editor that supports multiple functions. Many of EditPad settings may vary depending on the type of file being edited. For example, when editing the program will automatically include the functionality necessary to edit the code, but when editing text - functions for working with text. In EditPad predetermined many file types. Among them are such as: TXT, HTML, XML, CSS, Delphi, Java, C #, C / C, Eiffel, Python, PHP, Perl, SQL, INI. You can create settings for new file types, as well as to reconfigure old ones.​

    For programmers, coders and developers:
    highlighting the edited document;
    understanding of all the existing ways of describing the end of the line (Linux, Windows, Mac);
    quick and powerful search and replace;
    versatile and customizable clipboard;
    unlimited undo history;
    compare two versions of a document;
    switching between text and hexadecimal representation of the text;
    numbered lines and the transition to be necessary.​

    For writers and editors:
    use any font;
    spell check;
    advanced clipboard and the ability to copy blocks of text;
    rectangular selection of text;
    statistics of the document;
    map symbols to print all the characters;
    insert page breaks in the text.​


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