EMCO Remote Deployment Enterprise v5.3.15-Lz0

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    EMCO Remote Deployment Enterprise v5.3.15-Lz0 | 10.19 MB

    EMCO Remote Deployment - Automated Remote Deployment of Software Applications to Network PCs
    Integrated remote deployment tool for one-click software distribution across the local network. It helps you to make remote software deployment by replicating changes, performed by any application installation or uninstallation, across the network. Detected file system and registry changes can be automatically transformed to installation package, ready for remote deployment. Deployment process is silent and clientless, and it doesn't require any configuration of remote PCs.

    With EMCO Remote Deployment the process of remote software installation is extremely easy and consists of just two steps: deployment package creation and its remote installation. If you have original installation or uninstallation to be replicated on remote PCs, the first step can be fully automatic. You only need to press the button in EMCO Remote Deployment and make a system snapshot to capture current state of file system, registry and services. Then you can follow installation or uninstallation procedure and as soon as it will be completed you need to make another system snapshot. Comparing information from two snapshots application can automatically detect changes and generate deployment package.

    Finally, when package is ready, you can scan network to detect available PCs and select those where you plan to install package. Remote deployment process is executed in parallel on multiple PCs and works invisible for remote users.

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