Flash Boot 2.1c لجعل أي ويندوز يعمل بوت من الفلاشة

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    برنامج جميل لجعل أي ويتدوز اكس بي او سبفن او فيستا يبوت من الفلاشة برنامج أكثر من رائع من اي اسطوانة ويندوز وهمية من علي الجهاز


    Excellent software for creating setup USB flash drive for Windows 7, XP and Vista. FlashBoot is a tool to make USB disks bootable. Its primary focus is USB Flash disks, but other types of USB devices are supported as well. Making disk bootable involves formatting and copying operating system files to it. Different operating systems are supported: Windows 7/Vista, Windows XP, SysLinux-based disks, GRUB4DOS disks, Linux kernel etc. You may create blank bootable USB flash with minimal set of system files and then manually tune it for your needs, or convert a full-featured bootable CD-ROM or floppy disk to bootable USB Flash keeping all functionality.

    FlashBoot can either format physical disk or write an image file. So you may create customized USB disk manually or with another tool and use FlashBoot to create image out of it and redistribute it in local network or online.


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