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    Jurassic Park The Game.v (2011/Multi2/Repack by Fenixx) (updated on 04.04.2012)
    2011 | PC | English/Russian | Developer: Telltale Games | Publisher: Telltale Games | 2.05GB
    Genre: Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person

    Securitysystems have not coped with the task, and now some creatures movefreely in the park. One fraudulent organization, deciding to takeadvantage of the situation, nothing will stop to get embryonicdinosaurs, stolen and lost Dennis Nedra. Immerse yourself in acompletely new adventure, a place which takes place against thebackground of the first movie, Jurassic Park and his eyes look at thenew location and the dinosaurs in this stunning adventure, created asmuch as 65 million years!

    Kinemtaograficheskoeadventure, broken into four parts, with the dynamic development of theplot, new discoveries and solving puzzles.
    Go back to familiar places in the film and explore the new ones, including the menacing water Marines camp.
    Fight the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex nimble Raptor and save directly from the jaws of the prehistoric new threats.
    Discover the fate of the storage Barbazol, which contains priceless dinosaur embryos.
    Same World Jurassic Park, like Spielberg addition to the classic adventures of the world that loved by many.

    Features Repacka:
    For the basis of the license is Telltale Games
    Audio quality 100
    Video quality is 100
    Exclusive installer
    Installation of additional Softa (DirectX)
    All the way registry maintained
    Start the game via the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu
    Installation requires 256 MB of RAM
    Approximate install time 2 min (a, s)
    Game archives are not touched
    Crack from Tolma4 Team.v 1.5 from 01/04/2012
    All languages except Russian English interface and voice

    System requirements:
    Operating System: XP, Vista, 7
    Processor: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz
    RAM: 2048 MB
    Free hard disk space: 2916 MB
    Video: (256 MB)
    File System: FAT, NTFS
    Important: Before installing disable Anti Virus and Firewall

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