Guilty Gear X2 Compressed- KL

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    Guilty Gear X2 Compressed (480 Mb) - KL

    Guilty Gear X2 Compressed (480 Mb) - KL


    Guilty Gear X2 Compressed (480 Mb)

    Genre : Fighting

    Fighting games were ubiquitous in video arcades for more than a decade, until the video arcades themselves began to die off. The game is brought to life with vibrant hand-drawn 2D character sprites and backgrounds, making Guilty Gear X2 #Reload look as much like an anime episode as a video game. In fact, the legions of fans of anime series like Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh! really ought to take notice of Guilty Gear, which has a similar sort of style and sensibility to it. Meanwhile, the presence of a hard-rocking electronic guitar soundtrack further helps set this game apart. Although the tracks may not sound drastically different from one to the next, it's still great that the designers have given Guilty Gear X2 such a cohesive musical style.


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