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    Hi all users, finally we got the latest technique for using your premium cookies,as you might know that previous in our previous tutorial on how to use premium cookies we have to install the add-n-edit cookie for using our premium cookies. And user were facing difficulty to follow it, because the latest version of firefox are not compatible with cookie editors. So here we got 100% working tutorial for almost all popular file hosting site. It's a basically a java script and work with your browse without and any problem.


    For Google Chrome
    > Go to BookMark Manager
    > Organize -> Add Page
    > Name it egyhacks meta cookie
    > Paste the JavaScript Code in URL
    > Then Save it.

    For Mozilla Firefox
    > Go to Firefox -> BookMarks (if bookmars toolbar not appears then click View -> Toolbars -> Bookmars Toolbar).


    > Right Click -> New BookMarks


    > Name it egyhacks meta cookie.

    > Paste the given JavaScript Code in Location.
    > Then Click on Add.


    Now it will appear like below.


    Now it's done.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Usage <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    > First go and find any working cookie.


    > Go to respective Filehosting here we are consider Uploded.to.

    > Click the BookMarked page


    > It Will Ask you to enter the Cookies

    For example here we're putting this cookie


    > Enter it and Click Ok
    > You've done, Now enjoy your premium account.


    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> JAVASCRIPT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<


    here http://zevera.com premium cokkies 7/8/2014

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