IDimager Pro تعديل الصور واضافة تاثيرات عليها

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    IDimager Pro تعديل الصور واضافة تاثيرات عليها


    برنامج تقوم من خلاله بعمل استعراض للصور على جهازك الحاسوب
    وهو شبيه ببرنامج Acdsee الشهير
    برنامج مميز يقوم باداره الصور الرقميه البرنامج يعتبر اداه لاجهزه الكمبيوتر
    التى تساعد فى الحصول على اعلى جوده من الصور الرقميه من الكاميرا الخاصه بك
    يمكنك من عمل البوم من صورك واضافه العديد من التاثيرات عليه
    يمكنك من تحرير الصور واضافه التعديلات ومعالجه الاخطاء
    البرنامج يحتوى على مجموعه كبيره من الادوات
    التى تم تطويرها للاستخدام المهنى .

    IDimager, the Digital Image Manager, is a tool for Windows-based computers that helps you to get more value from your digital camera. With IDimager you can catalog photos, organize photo collections, import photos, describe photos, edit and manipulate photos, publish to the web, archive, slide shows, and a whole lot more. IDImager is developed for professional use so image quality and freedom of choice has always been, and always will be, the product's primary focus. IDImager's brilliant image quality is unique and speaks for itself.

    Here are some key features of "IDimager Professional Desktop Edition":
    · Import photos from many different sources including digital cameras, scanners, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and video/web cameras.
    · Organize photos into portfolios, galleries, collections, and an unlimited number of sub collections.
    · Catalog your photos in a hierarchical label structure.
    · View or edit de******ive information (metadata) in your images. Edit your photos with available effects like brightness/contrast, red eye reduction, sepia, color corrections, frames, auto-levels, sharpening, saturation, film grain, dynamic range increase, and more.
    · Archive photos to (external) hard drive, or to CD or DVD with the integrated burner.
    · Easily find photos in the catalog database or on your hard drive, even when dealing with a very large number of photos.
    · Make online photo albums by publishing your photos using one of the many available predefined but fully customizable web-templates, and use the built-in FTP application to upload your pages to your own web space.
    · Build full-screen slide show presentations with 150 possible transition effects and record your slide shows as AVI movie, animated GIF, or as a stand alone application (EXE).
    · Send images via e-mail, optionally resizing the images before sending.
    · Print images either individually or in a contact sheet, with the ability to add frames, titles, and other de******ive information.
    · Perform file format conversions and enhanced batch processing functions.
    · Download from E-mail
    · Support for pre, post and handler
    · Run a batch file as part of the Download process
    · Rating and Culling
    · Cascading metadata within a version set

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