McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.0.R2

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    McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.0.R2-DVT | 354.23 MB

    McAfee Vulnerability Manager provides fast, precise, and complete insights into vulnerabilities on all of your networked assets. Easy-to-implement Vulnerability Manager readily scales to suit networks from hundreds to millions of nodes. Nonstop global research helps you stay ahead of evolving threats and new vulnerabilities. Our single, actionable, correlated view of your weaknesses and our patented FoundScore risk formula helps you direct remediation efforts where they are needed most.

    Vulnerability Manager gives you:

    Priority-based auditing and remediation — Combines vulnerability, severity, and asset criticality information to quickly identify, rank, and address violations and vulnerabilities on networked systems and devices.

    Proof of “not vulnerable” — A major requirement of auditors is to prove that you’re not vulnerable to threats, which is a significant attribute of McAfee Vulnerability Manager.

    New threat identification and correlation — Automatically ranks the risk potential of new threats by correlating events to your asset and vulnerability data.

    Policy auditing and compliance assessments — Defines values of policy checks and determines whether your organization complies with major regulations. Through an easy-to-use wizard it gives you templates for SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, PCI, and more.

    Flexible reporting — Categorizes data by asset or network, and uses powerful filters to select and organize results in your reports. You can even create reports while scans are running.

    Broad and deep content coverage — Performs authenticated and unauthenticated checks, automatically updated 24/7 by McAfee Labs, the world’s top threat research center. This helps you delve deep into operating systems and network devices to find vulnerabilities and policy violations.

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