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    Movie Label 2012 v7.0.1.1466 | 28 Mb

    Movie Label - cataloger of huge collections of videos. Is one of the best programs for catalogers. In fact, all that is required from the user - is to specify the names of existing films. After receiving a task, the program will automatically link to the online database and download the information available there - from the cover of the official DVD and finishing casting, synopsis, format and duration. Well, if you believe the information received incomplete, it is always possible to manually edit the information or add your own opinions and evaluate the tape. Interface Movie Label leaves only pleasant experiences, and elaborate system of "rental" would not lose valuable film.

    • Save time - no typing required.
    • Save money - never buy duplicates.
    • Save more money - never lose a DVD on loan.
    • Know where your movies are located at all times.
    • Finding those golden oldies becomes a breeze.
    • Get the full picture with statistics and reports.

    • Available in several different languages.
    • Catalog any media (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, etc..).
    • Easy yet powerful search and sort.
    • Export your collection to Excel, XML, HTML, etc.
    • Watch trailers for the movies in your collection.
    • Keep track of loans and wanted items.

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