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    Paperless 2.0.4 | Mac Os X | 24.6 MB

    Paperless...One of the only eco-friendly software packages for Mac OS X, Paperless 2.0 is software that helps you cut through the clutter. Using the Paperless Optical Character Recognition (OCR), you can scan your receipts, warranty cards, deposit slips, business cards, and other paperwork and Paperless will automatically recognize and categorize these documents. The built-in search functionality even lets you find and organize receipts and documents into Smart Collections. Already have your documents as PDFs or other file formats? No problem. Simply drag and drop them into Paperless.

    10.6 or later recommended to take advantage of all features.
    Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner is preferred although Image Capture compatible scanners are preferred over TWAIN scanners. TWAIN scanners are supported but not recommended.

    Version 2.0.4:
    Added 1-up, 2-up and 4-up options to Expense Reports
    Added the ability to represent Splits information in report view
    When hitting Done after entering metadata, Preview now loads the next item in the list
    Default document type will now override Paperless's "guess" at the scanned/imported document type
    Paperless will be less likely to interrupt manual metadata entry and auto-complete fields with data detected in the scanned/imported document
    Opening items in the viewer should no longer require resizing or scrolling to veiw the entire page
    New Collections and Smart Collections are created with the column selection/arrangement of the Library view
    Column visibility and arrangement are now shared between List and Cover Flow views
    Collections sort order is now remembered
    Searching for a receipt by amount now returns valid results
    Paperless now displays a warning when you navigate to reports view when a collection containing many items is selected. The warning indicates that the reports view may take a long time to load.
    Added a warning when changing a field's type
    Fixed a list sorting problem in Library Configuration that would be apparent when creating a new field
    Fixed a crash that would occur when an open item was combined with other items
    Fixed issue where changing metadata in a document when the document is visible could change the scroll location in the view
    Fixed an instance where keyboard navigation quit working
    Updated links in the Help menu
    Fixed typos and other minor errors in Help.

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