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    برنامج استعادة الملفات المحذورة من جذورها حتى بعد الفورمات , البرنامج يمكنك من استعادة الملفات المضغوطة والمستندات وجميع انواع الملفات وترتيبها مجاني ورابط مباشر

    Recover deleted files. Recover documents, graphics, Zip, email etc

    Recover My Files is a tool to recover deleted files, including documents, graphics, digital camera photographs, Zip files, email, music, video and more.

    Recover My Files can recover files emptied from the Recycle Bin, from a formatted disk or lost due to a system crash or virus infection. The user friendly interface provides a simple 4 step wizard that lets you select the file types to scan for and the drive.

    Recover My Files then searches every sector of your hard drive to recognize deleted files by their internal format. The results show you the status (chance of recovery) for each file and it also provides a viewer that allows you to view the content of the file (text, image etc.).

    The evaluation version only displays the files found and chance of recovery, but it does not allow to recover any files.

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