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    Serif MoviPlus X5 SoftLab
    MoviePlus X5 is a powerful solution for digital video editing with easy-to-use tools and stunning studio-quality effects. Make professional movies, and record the result on DVD or Blu-ray discs, or load in the network, for what would share with friends, family or the world.
    Serif MoviePlus is non-linear editing system created by Serif, which allows both professional and home users to edit digital video and digital images. The current version of the X5 adds many new features, including editing and creating files, Quicktime, MPEG-4 and High Definition HDV. The program can be used to edit materials to consumer digital cameras, miniDV, DV or HDV professional cameras. The result can be recorded on cassette MiniDV, converted into a format suitable for playback on PC or format suitable for uploading to the web-site, or burned to DVD, etc

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