Sony Studio PRO 2011 0104 x86/x64

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    Sony Studio PRO 2011 v.0104 x86/x64
    2011 | ENG | 1.86 GB

    Sony Studio 2011 v.0104 - with this program that is included in the collection created by a Sony, you can edit their own and other music, and create music, not only can such operations are conducted with the music, but also with video and photos, can still burn to CD / DVD or Blu-ray.In the assembly of Sony Studio PRO 2011 v.0104 includes the following software and components:

    ACID Music Studio 8.0
    ACID Pro 7.0
    CD Architect 5.2
    Cinescore 1.0
    DVD Architect Pro 5.2
    Media Go 1.6 (Build 508)
    Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0
    Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Production Suite 10.0
    Vegas Pro 10.0 (64 bit) on the disc contains 32 bit version
    Photo Go v.1.0
    MediaManager 2.4




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