Star Wars Knights of the Force MULTi5

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    Star Wars Knights of the Force MULTi5 | 4.14 GB
    Genre: Action/3D/3rd Person | Developer: Lucas Arts & Osman Gunyaz | Platform: PC
    Publisher: Lucas Arts | Lang: English,German,Russian,Turkish, French

    Knights of the Force, a tour of the world 6 episodes of Star Wars. In other words, you will visit the Trade Federation cruiser, will take revenge for Qui-Gon, measure swords with Darth Vader in 5-6 episode, feel the military situation in the battle of Endor or the Death Star, played the most epic, dynamic and beautiful fights of 1 - 3 episodes, and even overthrow the emperor. So what is KotF? Single Game includes: Mission 6 episodes, an academy with new characters and handles free game mode, where you want to arrange the characters and devices bout century.
    Ext. Information:
    Multiplayer includes: a standard multiplayer game engine to JA with new maps, characters and handles (new update), RPG KotF, KotF Force Mod III, KotF JA +.
    You only need one thing: to enjoy the game.
    After destroying the second Death Star war is not over, so you still have to fight for peace in the new republic. You have to create your character and take part in the war. You'll be free to choose goals that are most important to you (on the order of passing the mission storyline changes) you will be given the choice to become a Sith or Jedi.
    KotF is a game made on the engine, JA. And even though it only works with JA is a completely different game. KotF divided into 2 chasti.VAZhNO: there is only the first part! First published in 2008. It includes 3 levels of the 6 episodes (level = (, but it's as much as 13 missions o:), characters, arms, maps, Improved single and JA setevaya.Uluchsheny characters from the first part, an improved menu, easier system alignment bots, of course large-scale clean of bugs, easy transition from playing on the desktop and the desktop to the game and of course the 4 different network igry.Est all official addons to KotF, who entered the collector's edition. Here is a list of everything that is included here:

    1. KotF: a game of 6 episodes.
    2. JA: Game of war for the New Republic.
    3. The Force Unleashed I: Dark Lord Hunt: Lead an army of Darth Vader on Kashik and the behavior it to victory.
    4. The Force Unleashed I: addon of the secret apprentice of Darth Vader.
    5. The Force Unleashed I: Sith Edition: continuation of the legendary story of Darth Vader's apprentice.
    6. The Force Unleashed II: and of course the second part of this story.
    7. The Rise of the Dark Side: here you're playing for the Lord "Feosa, nobody invented Sitka, who rule the galaxy. (And he personifies Tim :))
    8. The Revenge of the Sith: 3 episode. I personally do not see the point in it, since the same will be 40 levels in 6 episodes ^ ^
    9. Order 66: here you have to do the will of the Emperor, to kill all the Jedi. So fulfill the same order 66.
    10. Crack.

    System requirements:
    Processor: 2.5 MHz or higher
    Video: 64 MB
    Memory: 512 Mb
    DirectX 9
    CD-ROM 8x

    Installing the game:
    1. Mount the file "JK JA 1.ISO" and "JK JA 2.ISO".
    2. Set JA.
    3. The file KotF.exe need to run - there will be installation.
    4. Can continue in any order to install addons. IMPORTANT: RotD Patch.exe is something like localization for the expansion RotD.
    5. Crack need to put in a folder KotF Jedi Academy Expansion Pack/Gamedata/KnightsoftheForce/base. After that, you have the Russian language!
    6. Next, we mount the file "ja_image.iso", located in the folder Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy.
    7. Enjoy the game!
    8. And be with you for strength!


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