Total Commander 7.56a Vi7Pack 1.82 Beta 2

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    Total Commander 7.56a Vi7Pack 1.82 Beta 2 | 8.4 MB

    Vi7Pack uses a popular file manager Total Commander, includes the best plug-ins and additional software for easy and convenient operation, while having a small size. Vi7Pack designed to trifles. In the Vi7Pack is a style icon Vi7, others can be found in the package TC IconsPack v3. The installer is built using Inno Setup. The Vi7Pack is optimized to work on: Vista, 2008, 7, 2008 R2 (x86/x64).

    The content of the assembly:

    -Total Commander 7.56a
    -Enhanced and standard menu
    -TweakTC 6.0.3 sr3
    -AkelPad 4.5.0
    Plug-AkelPad (29.10.10)
    -7z SFX archives divider
    -Rar 3.93 (x86/x64)
    -Startup 2.8.3
    -Impomezia Colors
    -WinDjView 1.0.3
    -NoClose 1.2

    Plug-ins for working with archives (wcx):
    -Bzip2 1.5
    -CHMDir 0.40g
    -InstallExplorer 0.9.1
    -ISO 1.76
    -MhtUnPack 1.0.1

    Plugin displays general information (wdx):
    -AudioInfo 1.4.3
    -ShellDetails 1.22

    Plug-ins to view information about files and the files themselves (wlx):
    -FileInfo 2.0.10
    -Font 0.09
    -IEView 1.0
    -Imagine 1.0.8 (31.07.10)
    Plugins Imagine:
    -7z 0.0.3
    -Alz 0.0.2
    -HDPhoto 0.0.3
    -HV3 0.0.1
    -JPEG2000 0.0.2
    -Lbm 16.0.17
    -RAR 0.0.2
    -ListDoc 1.20
    -Mmedia 2.4.6
    -Office2007 0.0.4
    -ScrList 1.0
    -SWFView 1.3.4

    -Keyboard combinations
    -Built-in commands

    Description of programs and plug-ins included in the assembly:
    Total Commander - file manager.
    TweakTC - tweaker, designed to configure TC with no change in the configuration file manually.
    AkelPad - versatile text editor with support for multiple plug-ins.
    7z SFX archives divider - a tool for division SFX archives to produce an archive 7z, configuration file and the module SFX.
    Rar - external archiver.
    Startup - a program to control startup.
    Impomezia Colors - utility for management styles, colors file panel.
    WinDjView - allowing the program to read formats. Djvu and. Djv.
    NoSlose - utility replaces the standard from TC, to launch the console application without closing the console window.
    7zip - Work with archives of 7z. (.7 Z)
    bzip2 - Working with archives bz2, bzip2, tar.bz2, tar.bzip2. (. Bz2,. Bzip2,. Tar.bz2,. Tar.bzip2)
    CHMDir - Work with references formats. Chm and. Itss ability to create, retrieve, delete. (. Chm,. Itss)
    InstallExplorer - Work with the formats. Exe and. Msi installers Inno Setup, NSIS, Wise Installer, InstallShield and others with the ability to extract the contents. (. Exe,. Msi)
    ISO - work with disk images with the ability to view and extract files and folders. (. Iso,. Bin,. Nrg)
    MhtUnPack - work with the format. Mht with the ability to retrieve images, styles, css, page html. (. Mht,. Mhtml,. Msg,. B64,. Uue)
    MultiArc - Working with archives, due to external archivers. (. Rar,. Zip, .7 z,. Cab,. Bz2,. Gz,. Tar,. Uha, ...)
    AudioInfo - display information in tooltips for audio files from the tags. (. Mp3,. Wav,. Ogg,, aac,. Ape,. Mpc,. Flac,. Cda,. Wma, ...)
    ShellDetails - display information for files, using all fields of the Explorer.
    ArchView - show information about the archives. (. Rar,. Zip, .7 z,. Cab,. Bz2,. Gz,. Tar,. Lha,. Lzh,. Ace,. Arg, ...)
    Excellence - view spreadsheets without OpenOffice Calc and MS Excel 97-2003. (. Xls,. Csv,. Ods,. Dbf,. Pxl,. Slk, ...)
    FileInfo - View information about executables and libraries. (. Exe,. Dll,. Sys,. Com,. Cpl,. Dat,. Ocx,. Tlb,. Tsp,. Vxd,. Acm,. Ax,. Rs,. Ime,. Iec,. Rll,. olb)
    Font - viewing and working with fonts. (. Fon,. Ttf,. Ttc)
    IEView - web browsing. (. Htm,. Html,. Mht)
    Imagine - view and edit any images with your own plugins. (. Bmp,. Gif,. Png,. Jpeg,. Jpeg,. Ico,. Cur,. Tga,. Tif,. Tiff, ...)
    ListDoc - Image text documents without MS Word 97-2003. (. Doc)
    Mmedia - play any audio / video files from codecs and libraries in WMP. (. Mp3,. Wav,. Ogg,. Aac,. Ape,. Mpc,. Flac,. Avi,. Mpg,. Mpeg,. Mkv,. Mp4,. Mov,. Flv, ...)
    Office2007 - Image text documents without MS Word 2007/2010. (. Docx,. Xlsx,. Pptx,. Ppsx)
    SCRList - image viewing system prompts for the monitor. (. Scr)
    SWFView - view flash files. (. Swf)

    OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
    Language : English/Russian

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