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    USB Safely Remove - The manager of a USB device, it saves time and enhances the user experience when working with flash drives, portable drives, card readers and other gadgets. The program provides a convenient safe removal, free from flaws built into Windows, shows what programs are hampered remove the device, removes the disk empty slots card reader is able to return back to the disabled and the device contains a wealth of other features for a comfortable and pleasant to work with hot-plug devices (USB , SATA, FireWire).

    The main drawback of the built-in Windows safely remove the menu is that it, in case of multiple hot-plug device, it is difficult to find the right - most of them have the same name. In addition, Windows can not hide from the device menu, which you do not want to stop. USB Safely Remove free of these drawbacks and offers a creative and multifunctional devices stop menu that displays the correct names of the images with which you can find and stop the device in one go!

    What makes USB Safely Remove, compared with a built-in Windows functions:
    - Ability to remove unnecessary devices from the stop menu
    - Device names + rename
    - Hot keys to disable the device
    - User-friendly menu to turn off all in one click
    - Autostart programs when connecting / disconnecting
    - Forced device stop

    Safely remove in one click.
    Simply place your mouse over the icon in the system tray, and will be comfortable and a nice menu stop devices; One click on the device and it is safely extracted!
    Note the clear device names; USB Safely Remove determine the true names of devices. This allows you to disable the device you need it!

    "This device can not be stopped right now."
    When the device can not be stopped, USB Safely Remove shows what programs or processes are blocked him. And also, to close these processes with one click.

    Get rid of the excess.
    Now you can manage devices directly from the menu! Simply right-click on the device and you'll be able to open Exlorer its contents, remove it from the menu, or rename it

    She loves the keyboard.
    Use the hotkey (Win + S by default) to display the stop, and then work with devices using the keyboard. Moreover, you can enable the "Stop immediatelly", and the program will stop your device, if no other connected devices visible.

    Device Properties.
    You can change the device name, for it to download a picture or assign a hot key.

    Remove beautifully.
    For a device you can assign one of the wonderful standard icons or upload your own image (JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO and other formats are supported).

    You are unique.
    Therefore, USB Safely Remove allows you to change many aspects of his behavior, so that you can adapt the program to your taste. For example, you can force the program to hide the icon from the system tray when you do not see any devices.

    Can not find your product? Open the main form.
    Just drag the device from the section "Hidden" in the "Displayed", so to him again you can work from the stop menu.

    Bogged down in routine? Automate!

    USB Safely Remove has a powerful command line, which allows the device to watch, turn off, look who prevents them off. For example, you can use the command line to automatically switch off devices encrypted with True Crypt.

    Also, right in the menu, you can:
    • Rename a device
    • Change device image
    • Hide unnecessary device from the menu
    • Hiding the tray icon, if there are no devices to disable
    • Displaying volume labels instead of device names
    • Change the drive letter of devices
    • Ability to connect drives as folders
    • View disk devices in an alternative file manager (eg Total Commander)
    • Prepared prevent Windows to assign certain letters for hot-plug devices

    Web-page / Homepage:
    Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
    Language: ML / Russian
    Medicine: Built
    Size: 13mb


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