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    Nature, wildlife, cartoon characters or Galaxy wallpaper collection are popular themes. Soak up vivid wallpaper world to have new experiences in life, let's see pictures of wild wolves gorgeous in wolf wallpaper collection for computers and phones , watch them play and prey, their muscles strained and his eyes shining as predatory aggression.

    Can not fail to mention the coyote (or wolves pampas grasslands of North American wolf) is a dog with them close to wolves and dogs. They are distributed in North America. This is predatory animals living in herds in small quantities, they look slender, smaller gray wolf but agile and resourceful in hunting and are skilled predators and respectable on the Prairie North America.

    North American coyotes are predators resourceful, very designer and intrepid hunters, North American coyotes also known as very intelligent animals and have ability to adapt very well so even the living in the wilds of North America are more harsh but the coyote continued to grow strongly to this day in places where they are present.

    Coyotes are omnivores, they eat normally, but sometimes they also supplement their diets with different types of vegetation. Regular prey of coyotes are rodents such as rabbits, hamsters, species such as squirrels and grouse, roe deer and foxes sometimes, however, their favorite food is lamb or rabbits. In addition, they also scavenger when moving in herds of hungry deer waiting for the fish to die along the road to scavengers. Some wolves elderly and sick are attacked in the human herd.

    Typically, North American coyotes are afraid of people who rarely appear and attack humans, coyotes also cause very little nuisance to humans, unless they eat their food awkward other animals in the plants lead to conflict. Some wolves elderly, and sick also infiltrated and attacked farms in the cattle like sheep, goats and cause panic to people about the legend monster.

    The wolf is a symbol of beauty and strength, they symbolize both good and bad. Wolf is also the first animals to be domesticated humans. But wolves are hiding a lot of interesting things about which little was known. To know more and have interesting look about wolves and many other wild animals put their pictures as wallpaper your desktop, you can see them every day. Hd wallpapers free will help you choose the wallpaper vivid and best suited to your computer and your phone.

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