(Windows 7 Electric Blue Ultimate (x86

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    Windows 7 Electric Blue Ultimate (x86)



    I decided to do something different from the Mac OsX thing.

    Built on genuine Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Signature Edition, build 7600.
    Plenty of beautiful themes, icons, cursors and wallpapers.
    Tweeked to run on older PC's and even netbooks.

    All Updates are integrated until 10/30/2010

    Changes from Windows 7 OsX Netbook Edition:

    Post installer now allows you to choose apps
    All apps are silently installed..
    Printer Support is now complete.
    Now has Office 2010 instead of 2003


    Tablet PC
    Languages (English only)
    Parental Controls
    Welcome Center
    Speech Support

    Post Installer Apps:

    -Office 2010 Professional Plus Vol Lic
    -Photoshop CS4
    -Foxit Phantom
    -Any Video Converter Pro
    -7 Zip
    -VLC Media Player
    -Windows 7 Manager
    -Google Earth Pro
    -SDware IRON
    -XN View
    -Everything (file searcher)
    -Lock Hunter
    -Revo Uninstaller Pro
    -Microsoft Games for Windows Live
    -DAZ Loader 1.93



    Q. Can I do an upgrade with this OS?
    A. No, you must do a clean install. Backup all your data and format.

    Q. Is it activated?
    A. Yes, DAZ Loader and Office 2010 activator run at post install

    Q. What is x86, or what "bit" is this?
    A. x86 is 32 bit

    Q. Are you doing a 64 bit version?
    A. Maybe?

    Q. Do I have to enter a serial?
    A. No, just skip it

    Please read the included instructions on how to create a bootable flash drive. I have made this very, very easy.





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