Winzip pro 17 2012!بأكثر من مليار تنزيل له مع مميزات جديدة وحصرية+كامل!

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    Winzip pro 17 2012!





    من أشهر البرامج فى مجال ضغط وفك ضغط الملفات والتحكم بأرشفتها حيث يقوم

    بفتح وترتيب وأضافة وازالة الملفات فى الأرشفه المضغوطه يمكنه انشاء ارشفه


    من ملف واحد او عدة ملفات يمكنك من خلاله حماية ملفاتك برقم سرى هذه النسخه

    تم تحسينها وأضافة أداه تساعدك فى سرعة الضغط وعدم اعطاب الملفات مستقبلا

    مع هذا البرنامج يمكنك ضغط جميع انواع الملفات

    WinZip® is the most trusted way to work with compressed files. No other compression utility is as easy-to-use or offers the comprehensive and productivity-enhancing approach that has made WinZip the gold standard for file-compression tools. With the new WinZip 12, you can quickly and securely zip and unzip files to conserve storage space, speed up e-mail transmission, and reduce download times. State-of-the-art file compression, strong AES encryption, compatibility with more compression formats, and new intuitive photo compression, make WinZip 12 the complete compression and archiving solution. Building on the favorite features of a worldwide base of several million users, WinZip 12 adds new features for image compression and management, support for new compression methods, improved compression performance, support for additional archive formats, and more. Users can work faster, smarter, and safer.

    Photo Compression, Management and Sharing
    • New! Photo Compression compresses JPEG files by 20 to 25%
    • New! Send Selected Files from a Zip file by email or to a new Zip file
    • New! Resize Photos from a Zip file when sending by email or to a new Zip file
    • Explorer View displays image thumbnails for easy browsing
    • New! Zip from Camera Wizard with Auto-Rotate to quickly transfer, rotate and compress photos from supported cameras yes
    • New! Rotate, Resize, and View full sized images directly from a Zip file

    Compression Performance and Archive Compatibility
    • New! LZMA compression for better performance on most files
    • New! Photo Compression for JPEG files with no loss of photo quality or data integrity
    • "Best" compression chooses compression method based on file type
    • New! Open and Extract 7Z, IMG, and ISO files
    • Open and Extract from RAR, BZ2, CAB, LHA and other archive files
    • Create Zip (legacy and advanced) and LHA files
    • Create and Read Zip files larger than 4GB

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