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    YouTube Downloader




    YouTube Downloader (Wondershare) 277 | Rapidshare

    Wondershare YouTube downloader is a very easy to use Youtube video download tool and YouTube Converter. It has the complete functions to download YouTube video, archive Youtube video, and convert YouTube video to iPod,iPhone, PSP, Apple TV, Zune, Pocket PC and a lot of other mobile devices. Wondershare Youtube Downloader can automatically detect the Youtube video files from the Youtube web pages you have opened and download multiple files at a time. It can also batch convert downloaded Youtube video files or local FLV files on your computer. Wondershare Youtube Downloader is everything you need to easily download Youtube video from the Internet and enjoy Youtube video off the Internet!
    Wondershare YouTube Downloader Key Features

    * 1. Download Youtube Video
    Let you choose to automatically detect and download Youtube video from the Internet.
    * 2. Archive Youtube video
    Provide you with different categories to archive downloaded Youtube video.
    * 3. Easy to use
    A very user-friendly interface with every step intuitively sorted on the main interface.
    * 4. Batch download
    Allow you to batch download multiple Youtube video files at a time.
    * 5. Batch convert
    Let you convert multiple FLV files at a time.
    * 6. View download history
    Provide you with the download history list to let you know what files you have downloaded in the past.
    * 7. Flexible program settings
    Allow you to customize various options to make the program the easiest for you.

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