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    Zemana AntiLogger Full | 7 MB

    Anti-Logger, developed to deal with different kinds of malware threats, protects your banking passwords, private emails & chat conversations from spying proactively without needing a signature-based algorithm and includes powerful, anti-action methods.

    AntiLogger prevents all known forms of malwares which intend to carry out information theft. As AntiLogger uses a proactive and a unique way to detect potentially harmful applications which have not already been recognized or identified by any anti-virus programs consequently, it protects your 'Information Security' from a range of threats.

    Modules: Anti-SSL Logger, Anti-WebCam Logger and Anti-ClipBoard Logger are the first security solutions developed in the world. Also, you will realize that these modules have the best features if compared to similar applications.

    Anti-KeyLogger Module provides a new powerful protection against keyloggers which have not been even caught by known, the most popular security softwares in the world.

    Here are some key features of "Zemana AntiLogger":
    · Anti-SSL Logger Module that provides protection against SSL Logger
    · Anti-WebCam Logger that provides protection against WebCam Logger
    · Anti-Key Logger Module that provides protection against Key Logger
    · Anti-Screen Logger that provides protection against Screen Logger
    · Anti-Clipboard Logger that provides protection against ClipBoard Logger
    · System Defence Module that protects your system

    · Minimum 50 MB Hard Disk Space
    · Minimum 128 MB Ram
    · Minimum Intel Pentium 300 MHz Processor (or equivalent)


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