Zoner Photo Studio Home / Professional (2011)

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    Zoner Photo Studio Home / Professional
    2011 | Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7 | ENG | Tablet | 91.97 MB / 90.20 Mb

    Take full control of your digital photos, using software Zoner Photo Studio. Get photos from your camera, scanner, or just the screen has never been so easy yet. Have fun organizing, sorting and search your digital photos.With the program, you can change and make more personal your photos with special effects. Amaze your family and friends with 3D photos and impressive panoramas!

    Key features:
    • Powerful photo management and archiving.
    • 64-bit version
    • Direct upload to Facebook, Flickr and Picassa Web Albums
    • Get photos from camera, scanner, memory card or screen
    • Quick fix photos with the help of "Quick fix"
    • Save time with easy batch operations
    • Easily create 3D panoramas and photos
    • A set of editing tools, and additional effects
    • Add photos to the GPS coordinates of their creation and display location on the map
    • Helps to quickly and easily publish images on the site
    • Templates for calendars, greeting cards, etc.

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