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Professional PPC Management

When you need high quality, converting traffic brought to your site, hire the PPC experts. Marketing uses PPC advertising to situate your website so that it is more likely be found by people looking for your specific products and services.

PPC Services


google adward

Google Adwords

We are a certified Google Partner, specializing in Adwords with over a decade of experience, allowing us to tap into this large market.


Bing Ads

Our Accredited Bing Ads Professionals will utilize this segment to your full advantage. We recommend not overlooking this growing venue.


PPC Lead Generation

Our focus is the same as yours, conversions! We optimize our ads to bring you high quality traffic that has a high chance of converting on your site.

PPC Website Optimization

It’s all about content and the keywords within. SEO is a firmly interlinked with PPC.

Mobile Advertising

The use of mobile devices on the web is growing by leaps and bounds. Both Google and Bing allow mobile targeting.


Often the best venue for retail. Individual products are displayed as users search for them. Available in both Google and Bing

Display Advertising

Pictures can be worth a thousand words. Display PPC Ads are used to build awareness and remarketing.


Targeted individuals that have already shown an interest and visited your site. We can segment this audience and create highly targeted ads.

PPC Audits

Currently running PPC accounts but don’t want a full-time manager. We would be happy to perform an audit, making recommendations on ways to improve your campaigns’ performances.

Our Approach to Pay Per Click Management

We want you to be successful. When you look good, we look good. This is what you can expect when bramjlive Marketing manages your PPC accounts.


There are several necessary accounts and they require tracking codes and must be cross linked. Setting these all up can be a confusing maze. Missing accounts will be created with you as the owner, and cross linking of those accounts will be checked so that proper data reporting can take place.

Track Website Conversions

If not already established, we will set up goal tracking. We work with you to figure out what is important for your visitors to do once they’re on the site, whether it’s completing a form, reading an article, or making a purchase. These goals become the gold standard we use to judge the effectiveness of our PPC campaigns.

Site Audit

We will go over your site in detail, identify what you’re doing well, look for things that can be improved, and identify barriers that may prevent visitors from completing the goals. We will make recommendations for changes based on our finding.

Keyword Research

Search phrases are the backbone of both PPC and SEO. We’ll research known keywords and dig up new ones. This will be an ongoing process for the duration of our contract. We’re constantly watching for new quality search phrases and, just as importantly, identifying terms that we don’t want our ads displayed for.

Optimize Landing Pages

To improve performance and reduce bids, keywords must be appropriately displayed on the site. We’ll recommend changes to content in order to improve keyword quality scores, which can be thought of as the strength of the connection between keyword, ad, and landing page.

Reduce Wasteful Ad Spend

We don’t like paying more than we should for traffic and we know you don’t either. We constantly test and optimize your PPC campaigns to get them working like a well-oiled machine, and then optimize them some more. Successful campaigns remain, poor performing ones are removed, and new ones move in to take its place.

Routine Reporting

Monthly reports will be set up and emailed to you, allowing you to keep an eye on changes occurring with your traffic. Every quarter, we do a deep dive into your data and send you a detailed report on highs and lows with recommendations and summarizations of tasks to be done in the next quarter. Clients will often ask us to report on something very specific and we’re happy to either combine this within our routine reports or in addition to them.

What Makes our PPC Management Firm Different?

PPC Certifications

We maintain current certifications with both Google Adwords and Bing Ads and work exclusively with these two platforms. We are very familiar with them seeing as we’ve been working in them for years and maintain proficiencies by staying updated with the ongoing changes. We don’t do social media or web development; we are Professional PPC specialists.

Are you Already Doing PPC In-House?

Your in-house marketing person is submersed in your company’s lingo and has probably been using the same techniques and reports since the account was first created.

By bringing in bramjlive Marketing, you get a fresh perspective without the blinders of what you “think” people search for when looking for your products and services.

We’re much more efficient than in-house marketers, because we are highly experienced and are submerged in PPC on a daily basis. We maintain certifications to ensure we keep up with the constant changes.

We also will save you money because you don’t have to hire a dedicated, full-time employee, paying a full-time salary with all the benefits.

In addition, inexperienced management of your PPC account can get very expensive, very quickly unless they are properly targeted and restricted.

Focus on Lead Generation

Your website should work towards your business goals. We maintain certifications in Google Analytics and set up trackable conversion goals for your site. Then we test and optimize to bring converting traffic. We don’t want to give you traffic, we strive towards high quality, converting traffic.

PPC Website Optimization

We will be researching keywords for your site. Some that we find, you would never have even considered, and will require content changes to your site to include these phrases. This is also known as SEO, search engine optimization. A certain amount of SEO is required, as good content is a must to get the best from your PPC campaigns.


bramjlive Marketing is 100% transparent. You have access to all of your accounts at all times. We encourage you to log in. We are happy to help you understand and use the data for your benefit. Your website should be an important part of your business model. We want you to understand the work we’re doing on your PPC account.

We provide information in our Knowledge Base and are happy to answer questions.


What We Won’t Do

A lot of what makes us different is in what we won’t do.

We Never Outsource Your Account

PPC is our specialty, and we do it well. When you contract with us, we will be the ones managing your account. We won’t hand your information over to another company and outsourcing the work. The individuals you talk to at bramjlive Marketing are the individuals that will be doing the work.

We Won’t Hold You Ransom

We want you to stay with us because we are doing a good job, not because we’re holding your data hostage. You own all of your accounts, we merely obtain management privileges to work and analyze. If our working relationship should conclude, you maintain ownership of those accounts.

We Will Not Deliberately Confuse with Jargon

There is a specific lingo when talking about web traffic that must be included in our reports. It doesn’t mean we’ll use it to talk down or deceive you. We will be happy to explain any terms that may be foreign, and ALWAYS encourage you to question something we say or report that isn’t clear. We also offer a knowledge base that can help develop a better understanding of PPC and other types of traffic to your site. We have nothing to hide because we use methods that are approved by the search engines and are 100% transparent.

No Blackhat Techniques

Blackhat techniques are deceptive marketing ploys that may have short term benefits, but can result in permanently barring your site from the major search engines, crippling your online presence. They come with false promises such as “Top Ranking Guaranteed”. Don’t fall for this type of hype; no legitimate online marketer would make such a statement.

Ranking is at the sole discretion of the search engines. The only thing we can do is used approved methods, called whitehat techniques, to better situate your site to encourage improved ranking. It takes work and time; there’s no magic wand.

No Hidden Fees

We are very straightforward with our pricing. We don’t charge for set up and have no hidden fees. What we quote is what you’ll pay per month for our services, nothing more. Your monthly Google Adwords and Bing Ads fees are charged to your credit card directly through their billing services. This allows you to identify exactly how much of your budget is on account management vs advertising spend.

We have a set of standardized packages that can be used or we’ll happily create a custom quote to meet the special requirements of your site.

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